slideshow 1 slideshow 2 slideshow 3 slideshow 4 slideshow 5 Is For Sale was purchased in 1991 by Robert Lon Klotz. He left this world early in 2000. His family has been maintaining the web site as a memorial for quite a while. We love him and miss him.

The decision to sell the domain name has come after many years of dealing with unsolicited offers. has been established as a permanent memorial.

For those who are interested in the domain name, it is currently listed for sale as a part of the Moniker/SnapNames 2014 Kick Off Premium Auction. If you have any questions, please contact Howard Kopp, who's information is below.

Howard Kopp, Brokerage & Acquisitions (For full list of Ultra Premium and Premium Domains and Web Properties for Sale)
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In loving memory of Robert Lon Klotz - September 1st, 1955 - August 1st, 2000